Tiger Woods's Childhood Story

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Tiger Woods's Childhood Story

He was named Tiger because once his father in Vietnam was saved life by a man named Tiger. In order that his child would remember this benefactor, Father named his son Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods's father is American, his mother is from Thailand, who is black skin. After becoming famous, people was used to call him as "tiger", because "tiger." in English is the meaning of "tiger", a wild cat , "woods" means "forest". His parents gave him the name is also quite a sophistication, the tigers' nature is wild and can be freely live in the woods at ease.

Should say, Tiger Woods' childhood had not been so easy, his family's economic background is not good. The family could be satisfied if they had enough to eat. So don't think playing golf is only the rich's entertainment and for poor children it is also available. Sensible little tiger. In order to reduce the economic burden, after school he always ran to golf courses and worked as a caddie. The so-called caddy is to help those who play golf to pick up the ball, or to carry their handbags thus to earn some money for his tuition fee and other self-expense.

When Tiger Woods was a child ,he showed an extraordinary talent. When he was at the age of three, he hit 48 rod grades 9 holes, then age 5 he was appeared on the golf digest magazine. When he was a boy of eighteen, he became the youngest American amateur champion, then unprecedented in 1994,1995 in 1996 he completed the event hat-trick.

In the summer of 1996, Tiger Woods appeared on a television camera and gave a heroic wave: "world, hello!" and  later, he started his ambitious career.

As to The 1996's achievements, Tiger Woods is still feel very proud now. He became one of the professional players in 1996 in Milwaukee open ranks , and eventually got the 60th place. And thereafter he joined the match for eight times and he got the championship for twice, and another three times of the match he was in the top 10. Michelin Las Vegas championship, Tiger Woods extra-inning beat Ralph iii, won the first American tour championship in his career, and the time then is 6 October 1996. before that October was over, Tiger Woods won the Disney ship Wells classic, another important contest. And Next week is the tour championship, Tiger Woods's bonus list rankings have entered the top 30, and also he got the access to the tournament. It must be an unprecedented great feat!

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Tiger Woods's Childhood Story

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This article was published on 2011/03/26